The year 2010 has been the year of rookies and farewells.

Stephen Strasburg and Jason Heyward make their mark, while Key Griffey, Jr. and Chipper Jones make their final path around the bases. Likewise, the steroid era finally seems past us as home run totals are shrinking and pitching is making a comeback.

When it comes to the Home Run Derby, this makes it harder to expect pure dominance.

We won’t have a McGwire vs. Sosa matchup, though we could always get lucky and have another Josh Hamilton story. Still, one of the problems with the derby has always been the inability to get the cream of the crop in home run talent.

Last year seemed to take the top level of home run hitters, with Prince Fielder and his 46 homers that season winning in the derby. This year looks to be the same, with Miguel Cabrera, Robinson Cano, and others taking the plunge.

While I don’t have a problem with the Home Run Derby, I have an idea for something that could make it even better.

In an episode of Around The Horn this week, Woody Paige suggested having a Home Run Derby for the grizzled vets of the league, such as Matt Stairs and Ken Griffey, Jr. In keeping with that idea, I suggest an old vs. new style of derby.

Much like how the derby is currently divided into American and National Leagues, the new derby would be divided into the same, but then four others will be added in.

Those four will be players between 35 and 50 years old (we want to make sure they can still hit, and we also wouldn’t mind the recently retired to participate) who have participated in derbies past or are known for their home run hitting.

If Prince Fielder does not wish to participate, then we’ll being in Cecil Fielder; have Bernie Williams face off against David Ortiz.

These are just a couple examples of what may happen. Naturally, the rounds would have to be modified; it would move from 12 to 6 to 2 so as not to make it last too long.

Here’s how it may look.

Home Run Derby Lineup, Old v. New Projected:

AL: Robinson Cano, Miguel Cabrera, David Ortiz, Vernon Wells
NL: Corey Hart, Matt Holliday, two TBD
Vets: Chipper Jones, Ken Griffey, Jr., Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez, Garret Anderson, Andres Galarraga, the possibilities are many, especially coming off the steroid era.

Of course, this is not without its drawbacks.

The current players are earning their spots on the derby, while the vets would just be handed spots, which is not exactly fair.

Also, how do we know these players can still hit?

They may end up being terrible. What might be the major thing against it is the same thing that the current derby already faces.

If the current stars aren’t participating, and the veteran stars aren’t either, then it takes away from watching it. I’d love to see Barry Bonds hit in the derby again; Dante Bichette not so much.

There are other options that could be implemented as opposed to a new section.

Instead, there could be an extra slot each year reserved for derby winners past, and the format otherwise would remain the same.

There are plenty of ways to tweak the format to make it work if anyone higher up liked the general idea of the past and present duking it out for superiority.

So, what is your opinion of a Home Run Derby expansion?

Is it a good idea, an idea that needs work, or a terrible idea?

Have I struck gold, or am I sounding entirely moronic?

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