Year in and year out, the baseball world becomes littered with free agents in a selection pool.  All of these athletes, now unemployed, are looking for new commitments.  Over the years, we’ve seen the New York Yankees, in particular, stock up on their share of talent in the winter.  Their surplus in money always makes them a constant player in the free-agent market. 

All must recognize that without Curt Flood in 1969, this wouldn’t be possible.  Today, there is a “Flood” of available players testing the waters annually.  It has become the biggest frenzy of the baseball offseason, with constant movement and interaction.  You can all thank Mr. Flood, without him this article isn’t even written.  

The cash flow here is puzzling.  With so many great players available every year, there also comes many poor pickups, too.  Some deals are good because of the money and number of years involved, still many others are bad for the same exact reasons.  

Throughout the years, in some way, each and every MLB team has made its splash in the free-agency period.  Here is a list of each team’s best offseason pickup.  

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