The Pirates are currently searching for a new manager after losing over a hundred games for the second time since they moved into PNC park in 2001.  The Pittsburgh Pirates are trying to stop a record long playoff drought.  They have not made the playoffs since 1992.  However, this year might be different as they strive for a .500 record and an all too elusive playoff berth.  Lets all face it, they are really bad.  

Recently, Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated tweeted that he heard that the Pirates plan to be aggressive in the Free Agent market.  Last year they had the lowest payroll in the Major Leagues, yet Jon Heyman’s tweet seems to indicate that the Pittsburgh Pirates might be planning on adding some payroll to sign some free agents.  How many and who should they go after?

I think that the Pirates could improve 10-20 games next year if they signed 5 Free Agents and made one minor trade.  As well as non-tendering 3 of their current players who are dead weight.  By doing these things they would be looking at an vast improvement on a dreadful 2010 at the very least. Perhaps even building a competitive team to hold the place until their top prospects make the show.

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