According to, there are seven remaining free agents on the open market from their top 50 free agents with predictions list.

Most of the bunch are pitchers, with the exception of center fielder Michael Bourn and first baseman Adam LaRoche—but all have value and could contribute next season for the right suitor.

With the top two free agents already signed—Zack Greinke with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Josh Hamilton with the Los Angeles Angels—where do you think Michael Bourn (No. 3 on the list) will land?

Will Jose Valverde (No. 44 on the list) call it a career and retire or find a new home elsewhere since the Detroit Tigers have already announced that they will not bring him back next season? 

There’s certainly a lot to speculate upon, but let’s take a look and see where the remaining seven players will most likely end up.  

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