For fans of teams who have already given up on 2010, the most exciting time of the year is fast approaching: prospect season.

We’ve already seen call-ups like Starlin Castro, Ike Davis, and Justin Smoak. But that’s nothing compared to the surge of youngsters who will be called up in the next couple weeks.

This week, to celebrate the advent of our first glimpses at the game’s future, Bleacher Report’s Featured Columnists have made our own lists of the top prospects (take that, Baseball America!).

This slide show is a list of the top prospects at each position, followed by a definitive Top 10 list (for the sake of simplicity and the possibility that some of these players would be called up between when voting began and now, anyone who has or would have rookie eligibility counts as a “prospect”).

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Note: I sent this survey only to the Featured Columnists who have been active in previous polls. If you are a new FC or you have changed your mind about wanting to participate, send me a message and I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop for next time!

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