These rankings are based on a 300 point system, 150 for offensive production, and 150 for pitching production. 30 points (one point for each team) is the most points any team can receive in a given category. For instance, if the Rays lead the league in HR’s they will get 30 points for that category.

The 5 offensive categories used:

HRs, RBI, Runs, Average, and SBs  

The 5 pitching categories used:

Wins, Saves, WHIP, ERA, and Ks


1.(1) Texas Rangers (65-39): The Rangers outscored the Rays in the Fantasy Power Rankings system by two points to take the FPR reins back. With 245 points the Rangers are clicking and seem to have their division locked up already with a 7.5 game lead.


2.(1) Tampa Bay Rays (67-44): Tampa Bay loses the number one spot and are lucky to not have fallen further. The Rays are on a five-game losing streak and now sit 2.0 games back of the next team on this list.


3.(─) New York Yankees (69-42): With already owning the most valuable team in fantasy baseball the Yankees added Lance Berkman. Not that Berkman will be great or get a ton of playing time, but things happen and he can be a very valuable fantasy player if he finds his stroke in New York.


4.(4) Cincinnati Reds (64-48): The Reds are taking everything in stride while in the race against the Cardinals. Cincinnati is 8-2 in their last ten and are currently riding a four-game winning streak.


5.(1) Chicago White Sox (63-48): Edwin Jackson hopes to make up for his lackluster performance in the first half, by contributing to the White Sox’s playoff hopes. The White Sox managed 102 pitching points this week.


6.(─) Boston Red Sox (64-49): Adrian Beltre currently has a stat line of .336/20/75, which is a big reason why the Red Sox rank in the top two in HR, RBI, and R. However, the loss of Youkilis will prove to be far too much to overcome for the third place Sox.


7.(─) San Diego Padres (64-46): The first place Padres scored the most pitching points for yet another week with 143 of a possible 150. They’re offense, on the other hand, ranked in the Bottom Eight this week. Not a good recipe when you have young pitching and a good Giants team breathing down your back.


8.(1) Minnesota Twins (63-49): Not long ago, we saw the Twins in the top five on a weekly basis. I’m not sure if they can get back into the top five again but when you can win 7-of-10 you’re doing something right.  


9.(4) San Francisco Giants (63-49): The Giants scored the third most pitching points behind the Rays and the Padres this week. The story here however, is their offense. In my opinion (and in these rankings) San Francisco has a better offense than the first place Padres, and I think many would make the argument that their pitching is superior as well.

10.(4) Atlanta Braves (64-47): Atlanta ranked in fourth place in offensive categories this week. Fourth place in the NL East, they scored only seven more points than the hapless Mets on offense. The Braves pitching ranks fourth this week with 124 points.  


11.(1) Philadelphia Phillies (62-49): The Phillies are getting back on track and now sit just 2.0 games back of Atlanta and 0.5 back of the Wild Card.


12.(1) Toronto Blue Jays (59-52): Toronto is actually fun to watch…seriously.


13.(2) Colorado Rockies (58-53): Colorado doesn’t have enough pitching, no matter what Jimenez can do.


14.(4) St. Louis Cardinals (61-49): St. Louis does have enough pitching no matter what their offense does!


15.(2) Los Angeles Dodgers (58-54): LAD finishes tied with LAA this week with 167 points each, but the Dodgers get the edge because they put up the highest total in any category between the two (98-batting).  


16.(─) Los Angeles Angels (56-57): Above.


17.(2) Florida Marlins (54-56): Do they have anything worth playing for? Really?


18.(2) Milwaukee Brewers (53-59): See Toronto, Milwaukee baseball is some of the most entertaining in the game with the Brewers ranking third in home runs and having the seventh worst pitching staff.


19.(─) Oakland Athletics (56-54): Oakland is all the way to just 57 offensive points this week.


20.(2) New York Mets (55-56): The Mets scored in the Bottom 10 in half of the categories.


21.(─) Washington Nationals (49-63): The Nationals have the seventh worst offense and sixth worst pitching as far as fantasy team value is concerned.  


22.(1) Kansas City Royals (47-64): The Royals don’t rank last in either category in the AL Central; they are third in each.


23.(1) Chicago Cubs (47-64): The Cubs are in the Bottom 10 in 7-of-10 categories.


24.(─) Detroit Tigers (54-57): After sitting just 1.0 game back just over a month ago, the Tigers are now 9.0 games back in the Central.


25.(─) Arizona Diamondbacks (43-69): Was anyone really expected the D-Backs to compete this year?

26.(─) Houston Astros (47-63): There are going to be a lot of new faces in Houston next season.


27.(─) Seattle Mariners (42-70): Don Wakamatsu got canned today, and I have to say, he deserved it!


28.(─) Cleveland Indians (47-65): The Indians need to hope…pray that some of their prospects start to pan out.


29.(1) Baltimore Orioles (37-74): Buck Showalter has been around the block a time or two. O’s fans have reason to be a little excited.


30.(1) Pittsburgh Pirates (39-72): Pedro Alvarez is the real deal and could be the one guy who can turn the Pirates around.


Best Offense: (130) New York Yankees 

Best Pitching: (143) San Diego Padres 

Worst Offense: (27) Pittsburgh Pirates 

Worst Pitching: (10) Baltimore Orioles

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