From the perennial all-stars of Alex Rodriguez, David Wright, and Evan Longoria to the surprise hammer of Jose Bautista, third base has always been stacked with big bats. Aramis Ramirez is finally back on track while Chipper Jones seems to be gearing up for getting out. Here are the rankings for the remainder of the season:

Tier One

1. David Wright, NYM (100% owned)
The heart of the Mets, Wright is the definition of a MVP. Yes the Mets have some big names but Wright really has been carrying them all season. Solid numbers all around and as good a chance as anyone to hit the 30-30 mark this year. Wright will surpass Mets legend Mike Piazza this year for number two on the team’s RBI list as well. Not bad for someone in only their sixth year.

2. Evan Longoria, TAM (100% owned)
The minute Longoria stepped into the bigs, he was a star. Nothing changed in the first half, nothing will change in the second half. Stolen bases this year, puts Longoria at the same level with Wright.

3. Alex Rodriguez, NYY (100% owned)
If Derek Jeter is the brain of the Yankees, then A-Rod is the braun. A slight slowdown may occur while Alex is trying hit number 600 but as soon as they weight is alleviated it blue skies as far as the eye can see. Last year A-Rod hit over 50 points higher in the second half of play.


Tier Two
4. Kevin Youkilis, BOS (100% owned)
Not a true third baseman, but eligible nonetheless. On pace for his usual strong numbers and should be able to top 100 runs this season.

5. Ryan Zimmerman, WAS (99% owned)
Zim is on pace to pretty much duplicate every category as last year. The numbers are so similar, its eerie. Plus he’s being paid $6.35 million this year. Anyone see where I’m going with this? Yes that’s right–Ryan Zimmerman is THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN! I knew it!

6. Adrian Beltre, BOS (99% owned)
Simply put, Beltre needed out of Seattle. Yes he had a few decent seasons there, but the expectations were never met after leaving LA. Only one other time in Beltre’s 13-year career has he hit over .300 and that was his 2004 mega monster year. There hasn’t been any signs of him slowing down, so expect a consistent second half.

7. Aramis Ramirez, CHC (97% owned)
Patient Fantasy owners waited and finally have been rewarded. It was a strange first half for Ramirez but all looks to be on track. Since his return on June 25th, A-Ram has hit six homers, 16 RBIs, 16 Runs and bumped his average up 57 points. Aramis will be one of the top performers of the second half.

8. Mark Reynolds, ARI (98% owned)
Reynolds is as consistent as the wind. Huge power, zero finesse. You would think that in his third season, Mark would be improving his average but instead its barely above the Mendoza line. One-third of Reynolds hits are dingers, so while he may be winning you home runs every week, he is single-handedly losing your BA column too.

9. Jose Bautista, TOR (95% owned)
Hell if Reynolds is second tier then so is Bautista. I barely make predictions, but at this point I think Jose will finish the year strong and then fade back into grey like the rest of his career. Enjoy it while it lasts folks!


Tier Three
10. Michael Young, TEX (99% owned)
The model of consistency, Young became the Rangers all-time hits leader this year with 1,748. Split stats are virtually equal over his ten year career. A .300-plus average is a guarantee for the second half.

11. Martin Prado, ATL (98% owned)
Where did this kid come from? Numbers are slightly better than last year in a few less AB already. Can’t wait to see where his end of season numbers finish. Only trails in Runs to Youk. You could say he’s the main reason the Braves are on top.

12. Pablo Sandoval, SF (96% owned)
He’s not the Kung-Fu Panda on ’09, but expect better second half numbers at least. It’s just a matter of time before Pablo joins the Giants hitting parade.

13. Casey McGehee, MIL (93% owned)
In his second season (not counting 24 AB in 2008), we are seeing a slowdown, most likely due to a long season which McGehee is just not accustomed to yet. I believe Casey will get his second breath shortly and finish up the season where he started it… HOT!

14. Michael Cuddyer, MIN (96% owned)
Following a monster 2009 season, Cuddyer has been solid this year. You can expect as least the same if not better for the remainder. Has a 14-game hitting streak right now.


Tier Four
15. Juan Uribe, SF (77% owned)
Uribe carried the Giants before Aubrey Huff woke up and Buster Posey joined the team.

16. Jorge Cantu, TEX (86% owned)
We’ll have to see how this pans out in Texas with all the extra competition at first base. Mitch Moreland will supposedly get most of the right handed pitches with Cantu getting lefties.

17. Chone Figgins, SEA (87% owned)
Seattle clearly hasn’t inspired the speedster but at least he’s racking up steals. Second half career numbers show he will have a better finish.

18. Ty Wigginton, BAL (71% owned)
Things have slowed down since the beginning of June, but still a viable option.

19. Placido Polanco, STL (92% owned)
Runs and average… not much more.

20. Chase Headley, SD (62% owned)
Started off really strong, hit a huge slump. RBIs way too low for someone who’s been batting clean-up.

21. Neil Walker, PIT (40% owned)
Nice surprise for Pittsburgh. Excellent hitter.

22. Scott Rolen, CIN (88% owned)
Rolen has been great so far, but its been a long time since Rolen finished with a solid full season.

23. Miguel Tejada, SD (74% owned)
Not the All-Star we once loved, but should fit in nicely in San Diego. Should definitely have better numbers moving forward.


Tier Five
24. Chris Johnson, HOU (18% owned)
13-game hitting streak 15 R / 4 HR / 20 RBI in 126 AB. Keep an eye on this kid!

25. Gordon Beckham, CHW (86% owned)
Hitting better as of late, but still hasn’t blossomed.

26. Alberto Callaspo, LAA (68% owned)
Decent first half. Just traded to Angels & has third locked down.

27. Jose Lopez, SEA (68% owned)
One of the biggest busts of the year. Injured hamstring now, no signs of coming around any time soon.

28. Pedro Alvarez, PIT (65% owned)
Average is low, but this kid has big power. Two back-to-back home run games against Milwaukee last week.

29. Kevin Kouzmanoff, OAK (40% owned)
Batting slightly above his career average and almost has as many runs already as all of 2009.

30. Ian Stewart, COL  (84% owned)
Piss-poor batting average but may be able to hit 25 homers for the second straight season.

31. Chipper Jones, ATL (65% owned)
Only two years ago he batted .364. Now Chipper can barely bat .250. Tail end of his career.

32. Casey Blake, LAD (35% owned)
Average player. Splits show he will have a slightly slower second half.

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