Headaches for fantasy owners were the result of their poor production. Their names are recognizable. Their pictures are likely one of your top current baseball cards. The bench might be the right place for them to think about what they did this week to so many hopeful fantasy baseball teams.


1) Jason Heyward, OF, Atlanta Braves

Heyward has made his way once again onto the slump report. He went only 1-for-16 and ended last week with a .062 AVG.

The Braves outfielder was placed on the disabled list due to a thumb injury. The test results showed that there was no structural damage but the organization wants to play it safe.

Sell Heyward immediately. His name and hype might get you a decent starter. His current production along with his thumb injury makes it unlikely that he turn it around anytime soon.

Atlanta’s “Chosen One” is only hitting .251 with 11 HR for the season. I am still not a believer that this kid will be the next Chipper Jones for Atlanta.



2) Ben Zobrist, OF, Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays outfielder was only able to manage a hit in 15 plate appearances. He did manage to successfully steal three bases and worked out seven walks. His average last week was horrific with a .067.

The base thefts and walks were high this week, but it doesn’t remove the fact that he missed 14 opportunities to smack the ball.

I wouldn’t be concerned with this recent slump. He will bounce back quickly. He is projected to hit around 20 home runs with near 90 RBI for this season. Zobrist is currently hitting .293 with 38 RBI and 5 home runs.


3) Adam Lind, OF, Torton Blue Jays

The Toronto outfielder was only 2-for-23 and ended the week with a .087 AVG. The bright side is that one of his only two hits last week was a home run.

Lind has seen his ownership drop dramatically in the last few weeks. I would recommend dealing him out by selling his power upside. You might want to consider simply dropping him and take a chance on a free agent.

Lind’s 2010 projections are favorable with a .300 AVG and over 35 home runs.

He is only hitting .204 with 9 home runs this season. It doesn’t look like he will get anywhere near his projections this year.


4) Russell Martin, C, Los Angeles Dodgers

Hollywood’s latest horror is sitting behind home plate. Martin has only been able to muster two hits in the last 20 at-bats. He finished up last week with a .100 AVG.

His seven free passes are the only think to be happy about after a terrible week.

The Dodgers catcher let his frustrations at the plate get the best of him, which lead to him being ejected from Monday’s game against the Giants.

Martin’s fantasy ownership is at a low point and appears that the latest slump is causing more owners to jump ship.

Martin is currently hitting .241 with nine home runs. He is projected to hit only 11 home runs so he may surpass that number.


5) Andrew McCutchen, OF, Pittsburg Pirates

Pittsburgh’s speed demon was only 2-for-19 with a .105 AVG last week. He was able to steal a base and took four walks to get on the bag.

He will break the slump sooner than later, so don’t panic.

McCutchen is projected to hit around 20 home runs and finish up around .270. He is currently hitting .299 with seven home runs.


6) Jorge Posada, C, New York Yankees

The New York Yankees catcher mustered up only two hits in 16 tries. He finished up the cold week with a .125 AVG.

Posada’s foot injury may have something to do with his poor production last week.

There has been a very slight decline in fantasy ownership concerning Posada and his recent slump.

He is projected to hit around 20 home runs and finish up around .280. Posada is currently hitting .299 with seven home runs.


7) Chris Young, OF, Arizona Dimondbacks

The Diamondbacks outfielder went 3-for-24 and ended the week with a .125 AVG. His only ray of sunshine was a bomb into the stands and a stolen base. His 2010 projections have him hitting around 25 home runs with a .247 AVG.

Young is hitting .261 with 13 home runs this season.


8) David Ortiz, DH, Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox designated hitter didn’t hit much. “Big Papi” was 2-for-14 and ended the week with a .143 AVG.

After receiving player of the month award, Ortiz has been in a June slump. He is a good sell high option.

He is projected to hit 25 home runs and finish up the season with a .250 AVG.

Ortiz is hitting .252 with 16 home runs this season.


9) Michael Cuddyer, OF, Minnisota Twins

The Twins outfielder had three hits with 21 at-bats and finished up the week with a .143 AVG.

You should have Cuddyer ride the pine until he shows signs of breaking out of the slump. He is only hitting .170 with no home runs in the last two weeks. His fantasy ownership is taking a hit and appears to keep on dropping.

He is project to hit around 25 home runs and end the season with a .270 AVG.

Cuddyer is currently hitting .259 with seven home runs.


10) Stephen Drew, SS, Arizona Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks short stop had three hits with 21 plate appearances. He ended the week with a .143 AVG.

His knee soreness has had him listed day-to-day.

Drew’s fantasy ownership has taken a slight hit.

He is only hitting .209 with only two RBI in the last two weeks.

His projections have him at 20 home runs and a batting average around .290.

Dishonorable Mention*

OF BJ Upton TB 3/21 3 R, 1 HR, 2 XBH, 2 RBI, 3 BB, 3 SB, .143 AVG

1B Troy Glaus Atl 3/19, 2 R, 2 XBH, 1 RBI, 3 BB, .158 AVG

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