The performance by Dustin Moseley last night against the Boston Red Sox reminded me of test taking.

Remember when you would study weeks in advance for a big test and when it came down to actually completing said test, your mind would go blank? Remember those tests when you crammed to study the night before, keeping the information fresh while also not allowing you to over think it?

Generally, those tests results come back showing some success. That’s exactly the result Yankees starter Dustin Moseley got last night in the Yankees 7-2 win over Boston.

Expected starter A.J. Burnett was scratched due to tightness in his back. The Yankees sounded the alarm and Moseley came firing.

With just 24 hours notice, Moseley would be making an emergency start. A start that would be televised nationally on ESPN against the Boston Red Sox.

Moseley stayed at the stadium late Saturday and arrived early Sunday to go through scouting reports and watch tape of Boston hitters. What result did Moseley get from this last minute test? How bout a standing ovation from the Yankee Stadium crowd!

Moseley would go 61/3 innings on Sunday, giving up just two runs. He was sensational both with his arm and glove. Moseley made a trio of very nice defensive plays to help himself.

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