With the 2014 MLB Rule 4 draft less than a month away, its time to take a look at the top prospects in this years class.

The noticeable lack of impact hitters on board (especially from the college ranks) highlights the pitching-heavy nature of this year’s class, as teams will have an endless list of promising arms to choose from in the early rounds.

Yet, with every organization expected to target players based on the spending limitations (draft pool) of MLBs collective bargaining agreement, its almost impossible to accurately predict just how early some players will be selected.

However, as part of Prospect Pipelines all-out draft coverage leading up to and through the event, which is to be held June 5-7, we’ve put together a rankings of the top 150 prospects in the class to familiarize everyone with many of this year’s big names.

Please note that this is not a mock draft or a prediction of exactly where players will be selected. You can expect every player on this list to be taken in the draft, likely within the first five rounds. Therefore, the following rankings are based upon a players potential impact as a major league player.

As always the case with the MLB draft, any number of things can and will change between now and June 5. So, be sure to check back frequently over the coming weeks for updated rankings and further insight as to how the draft may unfold.

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