Of all the professional sports drafts, Major League Baseball is by far the biggest crapshoot. Anytime you’re drafting players who in some circumstances, just got the keys to their first car, there’s a higher likelihood of them not panning out.

For every Derek Jeter (1 overall in 1992) there’s going to be a handful of Matt Bushes (Overall number 1 in 2004.)

It is a roll of the dice like no other in professional sports, just ask the Kansas City Royals who in 2006 drafted Luke Hochevar in front of Evan Longoria and two time Cy Young winner, Tim Lincecum.

In this year’s MLB draft, the consensus number 1 pick is Bryce Harper. The 17 year old sensation has baseball scouts everywhere drooling over his immense talent.

But again these should always come with a disclaimer

The kid is still just 17 years old. I could not even begin to comprehend being this hyped when I was 17 years (definitely more concerned with how to break out of my parents house after midnight without the dogs barking at me.)

Anyways, here are the Top 10 Position Prospects. For all we know, 10 years from now we could look at this list and half are All-Stars while the other five are coaching high school baseball in rural Texas.

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