As we’re headed down the homestretch of the 2010 Major League Baseball season, the divisional races in both leagues are heating up.

In every division, except for the AL West, teams are separated by three games or less.

The Yankees and Rays are battling in the AL East. In the AL Central, a half game separates the White Sox and Twins. And in all three National League divisions, all three are each separated by two games from the NL East to the NL Central to the NL West.

But even when you look at the AL West, with the Texas Rangers currently holding a seven game lead over the Oakland Athletics, can we call that division over or do the A’s still have something left in the tank to make a run?

There are so many story lines that will play themselves out over the next few months. We’re going to breakdown each division and where each race will stand at the end of August. How many lead changes will there be? Will the Yankees be able to distance themselves from the Rays? Can the Rangers put the AL West away for good or will the A’s find something a little extra and crawl back into the race? Can the Padres hold off the Giants in the NL West?

Just so it’s clear, the number at the very bottom of each slide is how many games that team will gain this month. We’ll answer all these questions and give you a glance at just how these races will look at the end of the month.

Ready? Let’s get it…

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