We are now into September, and by now the Cy Young Award winner tends to be clear, or we are at least between a couple players.

Last year at this time, Zack Greinke and Felix Hernandez were battling it out, the 13-8, 2.32 ERA against the 13-5, 2.77 ERA respectively. Both players had great Septembers that year, as neither player lost a game.

In the National League, it was down to the wire between Tim Lincecum, Chris Carpenter, and Adam Wainwright, and it ended up being an extremely close vote as a result; I’m expecting that again this year for both leagues.

In 2008, Cliff Lee was declared the winner already at this point, and Tim Lincecum’s 15-3 record received similar treatment, though Brandon Webb’s 22 wins took some votes.

This year, it is anyone’s game. In the National League, it is realistically between six players, with the top three in a deadlock.

In the American League, there are many players that can take some votes. Sabathia had a great August and has risen up the rankings, while King Felix is out to prove that wins are not everything. Lee’s struggles have made him no longer an automatic front runner, and Mariano Rivera will probably take a couple votes, even with this starting pitching.

There are 12 to 13 people that could win the Cy Young if they have stellar Septembers, including a couple that you have probably never even heard of! Such is the beauty of this race, though it’s a pain for those that dare rank them.

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