This years Midsummer Classic is filled with great talent from both leagues. However, one of the biggest differences that the two leagues have are the pitchers available to them.

The National League have the edge in the pitching department. They possess the best pitchers in the game at the moment, but will that win them the ball game?

I say yes it will. 

Both teams have great lineups and I really can’t say that one teams offense is better than the others. 

But what I can tell you is that one of these teams are going to have a tough time scoring runs. That team will be the American League.

The American League’s offense is brilliant as it features many MVP candidates and RBI machines, but these guys are going to have to face pitchers who rarely give up runs during starts.

The majority of NL pitchers are leading the Majors in ERA and in strike outs. Can the American League batters figure the NL pitchers out?

I seriously doubt it.

Because of the better pitching the National League will be able to hold on to early leads.

Even if the American League does get an early lead they will have a very tough time to add on to it.

The American League also features some great pitching, but their pitching will not be good enough to hold on to leads. Pitching is the American League’s achilles heel.

The superiority in pitching alongside a good defense will be enough for the NL to win this years midsummer classic.

My Prediction: 4-1 NL winners

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