Note to Phillies’ manager Charlie Manuel: Don’t get drunk on the night you select the reserves of an All-Star Game. Snubbing Joey Votto in favor of Omar Infante, a utility player, was not a wise idea.

As of July 5, Votto is leading or near the top of the National League in almost every major offensive category.

Let’s have a look:

First in home runs, first in on-base percentage, first in slugging percentage, first in OPS (obviously), third in batting average, tied for third in RBI, and tied for fourth in runs scored.

Infante is on pace to end the season with 350 plate appearances.  The number needed to even qualify for the batting title is 502.

One does not need to be an accountant, or even an expert number-cruncher, to realize that is 152 below the minimum.

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…

In the two days since you neglected to place Votto on the All-Star Game’s NL roster, you have made him quite unhappy.

On Sunday, the usually mild-mannered Votto was kicked out of the game in the first inning.  That should have served as a serious red flag.

On Monday night, at the New York Mets’ Citi Field, he went 3-for-4 with a double and two homers: one 431-foot bomb to dead center field and a 414-foot blast to right.  He scored three runs and had two RBI in the 8-6 win over the home team.

Another thing, Charlie, you really should have thought about this before making your drunken decision.

Starting this Thursday, Votto and the Reds are coming to your house to play four games versus your Phillies—the last series before the All-Star break.

It is doubtful that Votto will physically murder you. 

Psychologically though, you should have considered the state of your ticker and the probable heart attack you will suffer while watching helplessly at the total destruction Votto will inflict upon your pitchers.

Charlie, you really should have taken note of your team’s schedule before choosing a guy who isn’t even a starting player over Votto. 

Yes, that is a lot to ask of a man who had just downed a 12-pack and topped it off with a pint of Johnnie Walker Blue. 

Still, though, you need to think of the health of your players. 

Especially Ryan Howard’s head injury after a smoking Votto liner renders your first baseman a slobbering vegetable who will never play another baseball game in his life.

You should, in fact, advise all of your guys to wear batting helmets while playing the field.

Ignoring Votto may be a good thing for you—a life lesson, if you will.

If you ever have the chance again, don’t drink and pick.

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