I’m disgusted at some of the names I see on this year’s All-Star Game roster.

I’m frustrated that, year after year, there is a long list of snubs that deserve to play, especially considering the game determines which league gets home field advantage in the World Series.

I was going to make a snubs list, given that I already wrote a list of who should be on the team, but I thought instead I’d do something a little more valuable.

The MLB allows the fans to take a final vote to determine the last roster spot on each team. There are five players to choose from.

I wish we could pick more than one.

Still, this is a good opportunity to get one more player on the team that really, really deserves to be on it.

I begin with a list of each candidate, and after sharing each player’s stats, I pick the candidate.

I decided to only look at regular stats (I didn’t use WAR or other sabermetrics. All stats are through July 4, 2010).

I simply looked at who is having a better statistical year to make my decision.

So without further ado, here’s who everyone MUST vote for, and why. It would be an injustice to pick anyone else for each league’s final roster spot.

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