Oakland Athletics– It isn’t that this team is hated as much as they aren’t liked. For the last five year, the Athletics have shown up in the top five lowest attendance rates, which is the longest streak amongst any team. It’s very rare to come across a diehard Athletics hater, but apparently it isn’t easy to spot a lot of Athletics fans either.

Philadelphia Phillies– Rapidly becoming the “Yankees of the National League”, the Phillies are building their own empire by practically buying their championship rings. The Phils are spending nearly fifty six million dollars on their four headed monster of Hamels, Halladay, Oswalt, and Lee and that’s not even half of the $146.35 million dollars they will be spending this year. Fan bases that already hate them walking in to this year based solely off the Cliff Lee situation are the Rangers, Yankees…and  the Angels and Nationals, though they were barely in the talks for Lee.

Pittsburgh Pirates– No love for Pennsylvania here, with Pittsburgh grabbing a spot in this list too. The ownership is easily the most corrupt and fan-unfriendly in baseball and possibly all of sports. With eighteen straight losing seasons, (a professional sports record) the Pirates continue to not make a move year after year to even look like they’re interested in winning. Oh, but don’t worry, in 2007 and 2008 the Pirates made a $29.4 million profit. Not only that sickening stat, but the Pirates payroll has only increased two million dollars since 1992, making them a mockery to small-market baseball teams.

Boston Red Sox– Whether it’s Youkilis picking fights with rookies or the everlasting image of Pedro Martinez throwing Don Zimmer down to the ground, there’s just something that rubs you about this team. Also, if you can’t stand teams that throw money at players like they’re Gatorade bottles, then odds are you won’t like a team spending nearly $300 dollars on two players (Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez) in the offseason or having a payroll of $155 million dollars this year.

New York Yankees– This team has it all: the dirt bag players, the tyrant owner, the arrogant fans and worst of all, the numerous championships. This team isn’t the target to every baseball fan this season, but also every single year of every single decade. If you hate players that cheat, you have them in Alex Rodriguez, but if loud and outspoken players aren’t your cup of tea, then don’t even glance at players like Joba Chamberlain. Also, the only thing worse than George Steinbrenner owning the Yankees is his kid, who tries to act like his old man with the outlandish remarks on players building mansions. And don’t even get me started on their fans.

Just don’t.

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