There are several great additions to MLB 13 The Show other than the new Postseason Mode.

This game is the latest installment in one of the most successful sports video game franchises around today. The 2012 iteration was quite impressive with its graphics and overall gameplay. It upped the ante, raising the standard for future video game in the genre.

For the most part, that does become an issue. There is not a huge leap in the animation, the realism was already top-notch and most modes remain the same.

Those who already own MLB 12: The Show will be looking for a reason to buy the latest version besides just updated rosters. Fortunately, the postseason mode provides just that.

As good as these games have been, though, it is tough to play a baseball franchise. While the Madden series replicates football with 16 games a year plus the playoffs, the major leagues feature 162 games.

Unless you literally have nothing else to do with your life, you are most likely not going through an entire season while playing every game. In all likelihood, you are simulating most games and hoping you are a good enough general manager to get your team into the playoffs.

Even the Road to the Show mode is often too drawn out for an average person to keep interest.

However, the Postseason brings the shortened time frame to those who love baseball.

With this feature, you can customize the 10 teams that will be involved in the playoffs. This means even a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates can feel what it is like to play in October.

FranchisePlay’s Brian Mazique provides a look into the presentation of the Postseason Mode in this video:

Gamers can now spend their time playing fewer games with a heightened intensity. While many of the features from franchise mode do not carry over, it still has the feel of your own team competing for a World Series.

Additionally, the mode features a different presentation from the regular season. The crowd is louder, the broadcast is more intense and even the announcers seem to be involved in the action.

It truly captures the essence of October baseball and puts it into a video game.

Sports video games often have to find a perfect mixture of fun gameplay and a realistic experience. The overall game does a decent job of this, but the postseason mode completely nails it.

If you were on the fence about whether to buy the new game, this added feature should help make your choice a bit easier.


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