Many Twins fans are probably upset by the move Twins manager Ron Gardenhire made by pulling Kevin Slowey, but they shouldn’t be.

Here’s why: Kevin Slowey had a no-hitter through seven innings, but Gardenhire decided that was enough and pulled him. Right move? Absolutely. To all the fans feeling that Gardenhire should’ve let him go back and try for his no-hitter must know the situation that was at hand on Sunday.

How many no-hitters get broken up after the seventh? A lot. It’s a proven fact. The odds of Slowey actually throwing a no-no are against him. On top of that, Slowey had thrown 106 pitches and was coming off 10 days of rest. Gardenhire was trying to save his pitcher rather than hurt him. If the Twins weren’t atop the AL Central then I might reconsider, but the fact is that the Twins need Slowey to be at his best down the stretch for their playoff run and Gardenhire thought that was more important than a record. Well played, sir!

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