The Internet is a wonderful thing. It’s the only way you’re reading this right now.

The Internet has provided the masses so much information that it’s almost unthinkable. Everyday something new appears on the World Wide Web, and currently most of that happens to be coming from the social media site Twitter.

Twitter’s micro-blogging format is supposed to give us an inside look at the lives of our favorite people. Actors, singers, politicians, athletes, news reporters and friends alike all can be found on the site. A lot can be said in 140 characters, just ask the Patrick Reusse of the Star Tribune and 1500 ESPN.

During Friday night’s Minnesota Vikings preseason game, the long-time columnist and radio host sent out the following tweet:

Those announcers were rival radio station KFAN’s Paul Allen and Pete Bercich, whom, if you listen to any of their broadcasts, one would gather that they are a very biased duo. Allen has a tendency to refer to the Vikings in the first person: “We have to do this. We have a tough schedule.”

I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but it is definitely within the realm of being a “homer,” as Reusse stated in his tweet.

By the same token, the FSN duties Reusse is referring to are the Minnesota Twins announcers Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven.

On their telecasts the homerism isn’t as blatant, but it’s still there. The two most always shine a positive light on the Twins—a team that hasn’t had much light to shine on to them the past two seasons.

Twitter exploded when Bert Blyleven made strong negative statements about struggling second baseman Tsuyoshi Nishioka. This kind of thing is unheard of from the FSN North booth.

That being said, Blyleven seemed to take offense to Reusse’s tweet last night. So much that Blyleven couldn’t fit it all in 140 characters. It took three tweets mentioning Reusse:

“@1500ESPN_Reusse Very interesting that a guy like you can consistently criticize others when you played what sport? You are Mr. Negative!”

“@1500ESPN_Reusse For years you have been a writer that always looks for the negative. Keep up the good work because you are good at it!”

“@1500ESPN_Reusse I believe weather baseball, football or whatever sport, fans want to hear positive. The ones that don’t, listen to YOU!”

It was a highly unexpected exchange—Blyleven is usually very soft spoken. Here’s the Reusse rebuttal:

“Missed Bert’s blasts until just now. Was it Twitter-only? P.S.: If I had to do it over, I’d still vote for him for Hall of Fame every year.”

Later he responded to a fan’s tweet directed at him about the Blyleven situation:

“One-sided battle. I’m not mad at anybody. RT @chazily: does this mean I have to choose sides in great battle with @BertBlyleven28 ?”

So by the looks of it, Reusse isn’t mad at anybody, but Blyleven does not seem too happy with Reusse. Blyleven had additional tweets mentioning other Twitter users saying that Reusse is a know- it-all and that Reusse should run for president for that reason.

Well, Bert get over it. You’re making a fool of yourself. You made my point in your second tweet blasting Reusse. Patrick Reusse is a writer; in fact, he is a sports columnist for a well-respected newspaper in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. He is paid for his opinion on sports, in two different mediums.

Yes, Reusse is a negative guy, but that’s how you get readers or listeners. You have to go against the grain, and then people listen to you. Reusse is a self-proclaimed curmudgeon and he won’t back down.

Whenever you are in the public eye, you are putting yourself out there to be criticized, even when what you’re saying isn’t that much of a criticism.

I’m not much of a soldier, but I’m behind Patrick Reusse on this one. To steal a segment from ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike In the Morning…Bert Blyleven, just shut up.

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