The biggest name in trade rumours this season: Cliff Lee.

There have been lots of rumors about Lee may eventually end up. He has been linked with the Mets, Twins, and Rangers among other teams. Now, there are even rumors that Lee will be traded within the next two weeks.

It is amazing that a player of Lee’s caliber has been traded twice since last July. Both packages were solid, but were not what you would expect for a pitcher that has preformed as well as Lee had. It would not be surprising to see the Mariners get a better package for Lee than both the Indians and Phillies.

Lee has been absolutely lights out this season. In 11 starts, Lee has posted an AL leading 2.39 ERA. Lee also lead the AL with a 0.91 WHIP. Lee has also walked only 4 batters in 86.2 innings. This gives him a league leading 0.4 BB/9. Lee has also struck out 76 batters this year. As a result, he has an absolutely absurd 19.00 K/BB rate.

This K/BB rate is unheard of. The previous high is an 11.00 K/BB rate posted by Brett Saberhagen in 1994. While Lee may not be able to maintain this level of success throughout the rest of the season, it certainly helps his value. Lee could also improve on some of his numbers if he is traded to a National League team.

Because of his success and the fact that Lee will be a hot commodity at the trade deadline… (to read the rest and see who the Twins might trade for Lee click on the link below)

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