Yeah, yeah, I know—Brett Favre has returned to the Vikings.

Big deal!

Can someone, ANYONE, tell me they are surprised?

Did this announcement shock anyone in the world?

The Twins Cities is all a buzz—about the wrong sport!

The Minnesota Twins, no let me restate that—your first place Minnesota Twins are back in action tonight with a big three games series against those hated, brawling Chicago White Sox! It’s going to be a heated battle, one that could shape the entire playoff landscape of the American League!

Okay, so you can’t blame me for trying to hype up the Twins, just a little bit.

This team right now has the third-best record in the American League.

If the playoffs were start this very day, they would host the Wildcard New York Yankees! I kid you not!

You better look quick though, for right now New York is tied with Tampa Bay, and the Rays currently hold a 6-5 edge over the Yankees. That could change very quickly.

This team, the first-place Minnesota Twins, has gone 22-8 since the All-Star break. That’s better than the Yankees (16-14), the Rays (18-12), and the Rangers (17-12).

The Twins lead the the American league in hits, triples, batting average, and on-base percentage. They’re second in doubles and seventh in home runs. Their home wining percentage of .643, is better than any of the three other playoff bound teams. They have the best fielding percentage at .989, and have committed the fewest errors with only 47.

This is a very good, and exciting baseball team.

Only a week ago they went into a stretch of nine games, six of them against the White Sox, with a one game lead. Going into tonight’s three-game series with those same hated White Sox, they are up three games.

At worst, they will be tied for first place when Chicago tucks tail and bolts out of town.

Can I get just a little love for these boys of summer?

The days will turn colder soon enough, and we will all get a chance to watch…

…playoff baseball at Target Field! 

Hold on, there’s some breaking news on ESPN…

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