The history and awe that is the Milwaukee Brewers franchise is surrounded and enriched in talent and winning. 

From Robin Yount and Harvey’s Wallbangers way back in ’82, to the drafting successes that have enabled us to witness current superstars Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder, we are all truly grateful for what this franchise has done for the city of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin.

Trying to name the best all-time starters in Brewers history is a tremendously difficult feat in itself, but I believe that this franchise deserves nothing less than a true toast to the past and present accomplishments that some individuals have given to the Brewers.

Ranking former players based on position played is hard enough—discounting the ample history and pure talent this club has attained since, well, ever.

The City of Milwaukee was made for baseball, and baseball was made for Milwaukee.

From being home to the league’s best play-by-play announcer—the one and only Bob Ueker, to the world’s only seventh-inning stretch where sausages run for glory, the Milwaukee Brewers franchise is a true testament to baseball and all it’s prestige.

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