While baseball as a sport has the least amount of physical contact amongst players, it seems to spawn some of the worst attitudes in all of sports.

Football, basketball, soccer and hockey have their fair share of jerk players, but because they can take it out on each other with such force as a helmet-to-helmet hit, swift elbow to the ribs or face, a dirty slide tackle, or a check from behind followed by dropping the gloves; baseball players seem to be pent up with the most rage of them all.

Breaking bats, charging the mound, throwing punches and destroying all objects in a dugout or clubhouse seem to be a few of the favorites on the field.

Off the field, baseball players are no picnic either.

Abrasive, bullying and generally uncomfortable to be around, these select players and managers are some of the worst of the worst.

Ironically enough, a lot of the “jerkiest” players are actually pretty good.

Here are the 25 biggest jerks in MLB history.

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