Pat White who is now a member of the Kansas City Royals organization spoke about Denard Robinson:

“He’s a beast, that’s all you can say,” White said Wednesday in a teleconference announcing his shift from pro football to a baseball career with the Kansas City Royals. “He’s just doing amazing things out there.”

“He obviously knows the position and looks like a hard runner and a good leader,” White said. “He doesn’t look afraid to run the ball or stick his nose in there.”

“I do think he’s durable and will hold up,” White said. “It’s more than just being the right kind of quarterback, though. It’s the right 11 guys doing the right things most of the time.

“He just needs to show up for work every day and be who you are. That’s what he’s doing now.”

BG will be back in town to play his home town Detroit Lions this weekend.  Here is what he had to say about RR and Denard:  (freep link):  “I know he’s going to be there,” Graham said. “I know he’s staying there. He ain’t going nowhere, you can say that. I can see that, already within the team, that those guys, very strong. A lot of linemen that was light last year gained a lot of pounds to get ready, got stronger and got faster. “I don’t see Coach Rod leaving now. I just think them boys going to take it one game at a time, and a lot of people are going to have a different perspective when they talk about Michigan.”  

On DRob:  “just one move, and he was gone,” Graham said. “That’s what I see that he gained a lot from last year. Last year, he was trying to do too many juke moves. Now I see him just making one cut, and he’s gone. “That was the biggest thing that we had to get him to do, to know his own speed. And to see him out there really killing it right now, I’m very happy for him, because I know he worked hard.”

  • U of M to honor Ron Kramer No. 87 before the kickoff of the UMass game


  • Three Keys to an UMass Upset on Saturday.  Stop Denard, Stop Denard, Score points 


  • Mike Marrow a former Alabama running back has decided to transfer closer to home and picked Eastern Michigan, over Wisconsin and Michigan?  That U of M offer doesn’t pass the sniff test in my book.  Maybe there was a walk on offer.  Mike is from Toledo. 


  • We will see how good UConn is this week as they take on a quality Temple team that is expected to compete for a MAC Championship and already has a win over Central Michigan.

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