The Marlins, whether they be Florida or Miami, are not known for keeping their quality players for long periods of time. Every four or five years, the team has a total purging of their well known and well paid players and young unknown talents are ushered in.

Along the way, the team has stumbled into two World Series titles, as many as the Indians, Phillies, Cubs and Mets have won in their longer histories.

But few players have stuck around in South Florida long enough to be associated with the Marlins. In fact I was able to compile a 25 man roster of players who played one season or less as a member of the Marlins.

Several All Stars, a few future Hall of Famers, some batting champions and many bright stars have just one season of Marlins baseball on the backs of their baseball cards.

The list does not include Bobby Bonilla, who spent 1997 and part of 1998 as a Marlin. Several relievers such as Dennis Cook, Graeme Lloyd and Ed Vosberg were left out.

And I also omitted Ozzie Guillen as the team’s manager as another one and done skipper passed through town and picked up the Manager of the Year award along the way.

So don’t blink Marlins fans. You might miss a star on your team in the The All Time “One Year and Gone” Team!

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