Can someone tell me why Jerry Manuel put Ryota Igarashi (fresh off the DL) in for the ninth inning?

K-Rod is one of best closer’s in the game, so why would Manuel put someone else in?

“He’s quite a competitor,” Mets manager Jerry Manuel would say later, a statement that somehow managed to contain both truth and irony at the same time.

Igarashi almost blew the game, and this should bring more pressure for Manuel to be fired. In the end it was Francisco Rodriguez living up to his K-Rod moniker with an epic strikeout of A-Rod that gave the Mets the series and bragging rights throughout the city.

“In that type of situation you don’t even feel your body,” K-Rod said.

Former Jets coach Dennis Edwards would tell the press, “You play to win the game.”

Manuel should wake up and smell the coffee.


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