It looking more and more like John Maine’s and Ollie Perez days as Mets are numbered. With Hisanori Takahashi making batters look like fools with his double-pump leg-kick motion and deceptive change-up, and R.A. Dickey’s ability to throw a knuckleball harder than Tim Wakefield, a new class of Mets pitchers are emerging and taking the reigns.

Takahashi (4-1) threw another six scoreless innings for the second straight game against the Yanks and Phillies. R.A. Dickey has come on like a gangbuster since the Mets promoted him from Triple-A Buffalo. Dickey has a 1.50 ERA in two major league starts this season. On Tuesday at Citi Field, Dickey threw six scoreless innings, tying a career high with seven strikeouts.

What I like most about Takahashi and Dickey is that both throw strikes to hitters. When Maine gets behind on the count he tends to panic on the mound. And after getting the early hook from manager Jerry Manuel after throwing five pitches in the start, Maine angrily relayed that sentiment to his manager.

Sometimes it not good to hold in information. Maine not telling Mets management about pitching with pain and Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen has reportedly called Maine a habitual liar.

Ollie Perez seems as if his head is not in the game all the time. Last year when Perez was pitching for Mexico during spring training, he pitched out of shape for the Mets. During the offseason he worked hard to get himself back into shape.

Ollie does not have the pitching sense or the art of pitching. He still can’t find the strike zone. Which is why he should be in the bullpen for good.

The Mets finally have new pitchers who hit the strike zone, and the Mets are playing much better because of this.

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