Delving into the depths of the Mets’ minor league system, one would be muddled in a bunch of names that we will likely never see on the Mets’ big league roster. The same thing goes for just about any organization, but the Mets always seem to churn out prospects more slowly, or trade them away.

But, out of all the prospects that the Mets a grooming, a few gems could potentially be in the works.


Time to ditch the household names. Here are five Mets prospects that aren’t as recognizable, but players we may very well see on the Mets’ active roster within the next five years.


Kyle Allen, RHP : Like many Mets pitching prospects, Allen has put together several good looking statistical years in the minors, but suffered from serious control problems in 2010, seeing how he walked more than he struck out. His control however, was spot-on the previous two seasons. It only shows that he isn’t ready to move up.

Allen would noticeably not give up the big hits in the past, so expect him to land a relief job on the Mets, similar to the way Joe Smith did so a few years back. He’s 20, so Mets fans will likely see him work out of the bullpen in 2013.

Jeurys Familia, RHP : The Mets signed Familia in 2007 as an undrafted free agent aiming to raise him as a starting pitcher. After two successful seasons in the low minors as a starter, the 20 year old righty has hit somewhat of a roadblock with Class A Port St. Lucie.

The difference maker is his control. It was spot-on in 2008 and 2009, but now it seems to have diminished. His WHIP is currently sitting up around 1.70.

If he can’t regain the control he has showcased in the past, he might be destined for relief work.

He’s got the velocity, as his fastball topped out at around 96 mph during the spring. He’s put up very impressive and consistent strike out numbers, which make it seem like he is destined for the Mets rotation.

Expect to see him appear on the Mets pitching staff early on in 2013 as a reliever. If he plays his cards right, he may get some starts and wind up a fixture in the rotation.

Scott Moviel, LHP : His 2010 campaign certainly has not been going smoothly, but all things considered, the guy is 6’11”. The Mets essentially have a seven-foot pitcher in the system.

If the Mets do not focus on his development I’d be shocked, because it isn’t often that a southpaw taller than the likes of Randy Johnson comes around.

He exhibits solid control, and that seems to be his best weapon alongside his staggering height.

If he develops another pitch and works on getting a handle on his changeup, he’ll gradually begin to advance up the system, in a similar fashion as Jon Niese has over the past couple of years. Don’t be surprised if he gets his first Mets pitching experience in early 2012, likely as a starter or to fill whatever need there is.

Wilmer Flores, IF : Just 18 years old, Flores is a shortstop by trade and he has plenty of time to develop. At the moment, his path to the Major League level is blocked by Jose Reyes.

There isn’t really any predicting where Reyes will stand with the Mets in four or five years when Flores will be fully ready, but it could be safe to assume that Flores will not be a shortstop when his time in the bigs arrives. He could convert to second base, but he’ll need to fend off fellow second base prospect Reese Havens. Flores bats righty, and Havens lefty, so the Mets must determine who fits their lineup better. Flores could end up trade bait, but there is always the potential for Havens to switch positions again.

Flores is hitting .285 with the Savannah Sand Gnats right now, and he has some pop as well. He won’t need to be restricted to shortstop. Mets fans will begin to hear his name regularly as the 2013 season goes on.

Cesar Puello, OF : Puello is a young outfielder who can bring a ton of speed to the table. He won’t strike out much at all. He brings a plate presence similar to Luis Castillo to the game.

But, he really, really needs to work on drawing more walks, even though it might not fit his style of play. In 89 games between 2008 and 2009, he drew a whopping total of 15 walks.

He looks better this year, drawing 17 to this point. He will need to work on that though.

His average is down this season, but he has shown signs of being a capable leadoff man.

On a side note, he is becoming notorious for getting hit by pitches.

The Mets may very well have their top-of-the-order base stealing threat in Puello, and he could be tried out in that role in 2014.

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