Carlos Beltran is an extremely talented baseball player, but I don’t see him as a part of the Mets future.  Ever since the whole surgery incident last offseason, I wanted Beltran out of Queens.

Beltran helped the Mets out a lot in the past, but this year, his comeback hasn’t been what he was hoping for.  He has showed signs of the old Beltran, but he hasn’t been consistent yet.

That is not the reason I want him out though.  I want Beltran to go back to his old self really bad because that will raise his stock.  Yes, I think the Mets should trade Beltran for younger pieces that can help out in the future.

Their’s many reasons for that, but the main one is that the Mets’ outfield is really crowded.  Angel Pagan burst upon the scene this year and I believe he deserves to stay.

I think that Pagan will do great as the Mets’ everyday center fielder.  He is a phenomenal fielder and can hold his own with his bat.

I don’t see Jeff Franceour in the Mets future plans though.  I see Fernando Martinez.  F-Mart is one of the most talented youngsters in the game, but injuries have made his young career a rough one.

If F-Mart can stay healthy then he can be a great right fielder for the Mets.  He’s a great fielder and if he reaches his potential, he will be a great hitter and base stealer.

Jason Bay will round out the Mets outfield.  Bay has had a down year this season, but anyone with his numbers will return to form.  Everybody has their rough years and I think Bay will bounce back next year.

An outfield of Fernando Martinez, Angel Pagan, and Jason Bay has the potential to be amazing.  It is also a lot cheaper without Beltran.  Beltran is, deservedly so, getting paid a lot of money, but I feel that we can use that money in other places, like the bullpen. 

Fernando Martinez is the key to this, and I really hope he hits well in September. I really want the Mets to get younger and this will definitely make the outfield younger and possibly better.

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