The past week has been the best that I’ve felt about the Mets since September 2008. They went into Philly on a great run, even without their best player Carlos Beltran . The month of April was really on the backs of Mike Pelfrey and Johan Santana , for the most part. But the offense did start to come alive towards the end of the month. Here are some month-end links for you for this Sunday.

  • NY Sports Dog – This post has an interesting scatter plot of Pelfrey’s called strikes comparing April 2009 to April 2010
  • Amazin’ Avenue – Sam Page created a stat to measure which Mets player would be the best fighter in a brawl and Henry Blanco came out on top
  • On The Black – A poll to determine the fan pick for Mets player of the month in April
  • ESPN – Adam Rubin writes that Beltran doesn’t appear to be anywhere near returning to the team from his knee surgery
  • Daily News – This is a funny piece on reporter Kevin Deutsch in Philly taunting fans with “Let’s Go Mets!” chants while wearing a Mets jersey and hat
  • Daily News – Catching up with Hubie Brooks

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