New York Mets left fielder Yoenis Cespedes probably had zero chance of making a play on this ball, but you have to respect the effort he gave.

Of course, you also feel a little sorry for the fans who got wrecked on the play.

In the top of the eighth inning of Wednesday afternoon’s game at Citi Field, Cespedes was tracking a fly ball hit by Miami Marlins center fielder Ichiro Suzuki down the left field line. As he approached the stands, the Mets star realized he had run out of real estate—so he channeled his inner Derek Jeter and went into the crowd.

Unlike Jeter, Cespedes was not able to come up with an out.

An effort like that could have resulted in some injuries, but it appears as though everyone was fine, including the left fielder. Cespedes did, however, move over to center field later in the inning as part of a double switch. While that move was made to keep closer Jeurys Familia from batting in the bottom of the inning, it also kept Cespedes away from the stands.

The eighth was a rough frame for Cespedes’ body. Just half an inning after he jumped into the seats, he was hit by a pitch.

However, New York’s 2-1 win will soften the blow some.


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