When I read that the new Mets assistant general manager would be JP Ricciardi, I was ecstatic.  First off, this duo of Alderson and Ricciardi is so much better than Minaya and Bernazard.  The Mets are showing their fans that they are dedicated to get back to the playoffs and win a World Series title. 

Ricciardi, former general manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, also used to work under Sandy Alderson in Oakland. 

Alderson had this to say about the hiring of Ricciardi, “J.P. brings a wealth of knowledge and a breadth of experience to the organization,” said Alderson. “I worked with him for over a decade in Oakland and I know first hand he’s a superb talent evaluator. He’ll be a tremendous resource in a variety of areas.”

Mets fans should be very excited about this move.  This is a serious addition to the Mets revamped front office.  One of the best thing about this whole signing is that Ricciardi turned down a similar offer from the Red Sox.

Whenever people begin choosing the Mets over the Red Sox, then something great is brewing in Queens.  Ricciardi is a huge plus over former assistant general manager, Tony Bernazard.  Ricciardi is an extremely knowledgeable baseball mind and a great talent evaluator. 

The Mets recent drafts haven’t been the  greatest, but I have a feeling that that is about to change.  The Mets now have many excellent talent evaluators, and with a 13th pick in the first round, I think the Mets will get good results in the their 2011 draft. 

Mets fans around the world should see the significance of this signing.  The New York Mets are finally beginning to make the right moves, and the they’re showing their fans that they are serious with this organization.  I never thought I’d say this, but thank you, Wilpons. 

Now the Mets need to find a manager and then put some new talent onto the field.  I have a great feeling about this team.  It seems like a totally new front office.  Mets fans should expect many more great things to come this offseason. 

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