September 1 marks the annual date when major league rosters expand from 25 to 40 active players.  The opportunity it poses varies circumstantially from team to team, but it always promises a chance to see some fresh faces in our favorite familiar uniforms.

The New York Mets have already shipped out a couple of expiring veteran contracts—a strong indication of the organization’s September plans.  

The Mets will use the final month of the season to gauge the the value of recalled players.  

The September call-ups vary substantially.  Some old.  Some young.

Do they factor into the future plans of the franchise?  Could they be a potential trading chip?  Ideally, the major league exposure that the recalls receive this September will engender some answers.

The expanded roster is comprised of players being tested at the major league level for the first time, players hoping to play their way into a 2014 roster spot and others who are fighting for their very career lives in baseball.

A spat of recent injuries—of which has impacted the pitching staff most acutely—has essentially served to expedite the process for the Mets.  Already fielding a team dominated by young and inexperienced assets, the Mets options were relatively limited this September, but the roster still had some filling out to do.

Recognizable names like Lucas Duda and Anthony Recker have already managed to reemerge in Queens prior to September call-ups.  Defensive wizard, Matt den Dekker, earned his first big league start on Thursday, August 29.

The Mets plan on waiting for the conclusion of the minor league playoffs to make their remaining call-ups.

What follows, is a full scouting report for each player most likely to be—or already—recalled this September.

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