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This will be the first edition of the Mets Bloggers Roundtable where we will discuss the past Saturday’s MLB Trade Deadline. We were able to interview and ask six questions to five awesome Mets Blogs (and also Brandon Lee ). Here’s a list of the blogs:

Michael Baron

Kerel Cooper

Michael Ganci

Mack Ade

Frank Gray

Question #1: First impressions now that the deadline has passed?

  • MB— As difficult as it is to digest, I am a firm believer that not acquiring a guy and trying to make a run was the right move. Even if other teams were willing to help offset the cost of the incoming contract, I think it would have been foolish to trade away top prospects for a playoff run that just might not be in this team. Yes, a guy like Dan Haren can help in the coming years, and if there was a move to be made, I believe Haren was the guy for that very reason, but unless the Mets were closer to either the Braves or the Wild Card lead, I think they made the right move by standing pat.
  • KC— I’m not really surprised the Mets didn’t make a deal. Omar Minaya is not known for making trade deadline deals. I think the current roster is good enough to make it interesting and stay in the race but I don’t think they have enough starting pitching to ultimately make the playoffs (I hope I’m wrong).
  • MG— I’m not surprised. I don’t think anyone expected the Mets to make a splash. All the Mets did was nothing, which is becoming the mantra for the Wilpon family.
  • MA —I didn’t expect the Mets to acquire one of the big guys that was out there simply because I didn’t think the Mets had enough prospect talent in their system to pull it off. What surprised me was the reduced degree of talent needed to get the cream of the trading market.
  • FG— As an observer of the Mets, I was actually not surprised. As a fan, I was very concerned for their season and saddened by their silence. I had hoped that they would make some type of move, but I expected them not to, as it has been Minaya’s way not to do so. I felt that it hurt the players more though, to “stand pat” as Omar has referred to it as. In their quotes and tones, you can hear a sense of distraught and defeat to an extent. They seem like they are tired. Again, that is just judging by player’s reactions
  • BL— The first thing I said was, “Of course the Mets didn’t make a deal.” I was kind of upset by this but then I realized it really didn’t matter. For me if they didn’t add Cliff Lee , Dan Haren or Roy Oswalt , then it didn’t matter. The Mets wouldn’t be able to add anyone significant after that that would put them over the top. I don’t think Ted Lilly or Brett Myers would have been that big of an improvement over Hisanori Takahashi. Though I think they are better pitchers, I don’t think deal for them would have made the Mets a playoff team.


Question #2: The Mets did nothing obviously. Does that mean they won’t contend for this season?


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