Terry Collins is reportedly the front runner for the Mets’ manager job. It is currently his job to lose, and a lot of Mets fans aren’t too happy to hear that. They simply don’t want Collins because he is not a sexy name like Bobby Valentine or Wally Backman.

The Mets have just began a new era and things are going smoothly. In the past four years, when Omar Minaya was the Mets’ general manager, one of the team’s biggest problems was that they made a splash just to make a splash. 

They also signed/hired some people just because the fans wanted them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong believer that fans have a lot of knowledge about their favorite team. I believe that die hard fans know what’s best for their teams, most of the time. 

I’m a die hard Mets fan and I’ve seen suggestions of mine not carried out by the team, only to have the certain player do great on the team that signed him. I have also had times where I misjudged what the team should do and they didn’t do it.

At the moment they didn’t do it, I was mad, but it showed that they made the right move. Sometimes people are right and other times they’re wrong and right now, in this new era for the Mets, we fans have to trust the new front office. 

Although Terry Collins isn’t who most fans wanted for the manager position, we have to trust in the organization. These guys are paid to make the right decisions for the team, and they are extremely smart. Interviews have been carried out and they must have seen something in Collins if they are seriously considering him for the job. 

Collins hasn’t managed in the majors for a long time. He used to manage the Houston Astros and Los Angels of Anaheim. In his total of five years managing the teams, he finished in second place every season. 

Near the end of his managing tenures, he became unpopular among the players. He was fired and here he is now, a serious candidate for the Mets’ manager job.

I’ll be one of the first Mets fans to admit it, Terry Collins is not a sexy pick and I have no idea why he is currently one of the final candidates for the Mets’ manager job. But as I think about it more and more, my mind is put at ease.

I have a renewed trust in the Mets. I trust that the team will make the right moves and lead the team back to the playoffs. I haven’t trusted this organization this much in a long time.

The Mets finally have a sense of direction. The organization knows where they want to go, and Sandy Alderson is at the helm of that. Collins currently works within the organization and that is a plus. That eliminates a crucial learning curve for him if he gets the job.

That doesn’t mean that he is the right man for the job, but it does mean that he deserves a look. He got a look and he supposedly caught Alderson’s attention. It’s a new era for the Mets, and Mets fans are still adjusting to it.

As of now, I think it’s comfortable to say that Mets fans can sit back and enjoy the show. Alderson deserves the fan base’s trust. He has done nothing wrong so far, and he actually has done everything great so far. A long offseason is in front of us, and I’m comfortable saying that I trust in Sandy Alderson to make the right moves for the team.

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