So far 2010 has been filled with drama.

Teams go from boiling hot to freezing cold in an instant. Stars have been struggling more than ever.

Who would have thought Memorial Day weekend would leave so many marks this season?

Here are three 2010 Memorial Day Weekend shockers:

  • The Philadelphia Phillies are a mess. The Phillies were swept badly by the Mets, who did not allow the Phillies to score a run in all three games. Who knew that was going to happen? Jimmy Rollins or not.

Now the Atlanta Braves lead the NL East, a position the Phillies have owned for two seasons. Jason Werth and Ryan Howard have got to hit or else this could get worse for the Phillies.

Who would have guessed the season after ace Roy Halladay gets traded to the Phillies Toronto would be more of a threat. Add that to an ice cold Aaron Hill at the plate, but the team has the most home runs in all of baseball with 89. Wait until Hill starts going, which is inevitable.

Nothing short of crazy stuff! Halladay wants a World Series ring. He felt as a Blue Jay hurt his chances. Halladay is pitching better than ever, as he just achieved the 20th perfect game in baseball history.

Thank god! Now Dallas Brandon can finally shut up, as he doesn’t hold a candle to Mr. Halladay. Stick it grandma, your grandson is annoying.

The Blue Jays won’t let my Yankees breathe, who are sandwiching the World Series champs with the Rays on top.

  • The walk-off home-run is the most exciting way to win. It will boost any team’s morale, and the fans go nuts. It is everybody’s kind of win; the best kind no doubt.

It has always been nothing but fun and Kenny Morales did that for his Angeles on Saturday in grand-slam style. As the Morales leaped to embrace his teammates at home plate, he broke his leg.

Morales is leading the Angels in hitting for 2010, and now is out for the season. Such bad luck making the joy of the walk-off a tragic win for the Angels.

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