It’s now June and the Cubs sit four games below .500 and six games behind the Cards and Reds.

With 52 games in the books, the season is getting dangerously close to one-third over. So all the cries not to worry because it’s early are starting to ring hollow.

Meanwhile, we know that Jim Hendry doesn’t have money to work with, and is stuck with expensive, long-term contracts that have no-trade clauses. So any suggestions must work within these limitations.

So while I’d love to suggest we go out and obtain Roy Oswalt, we need to be practical here.

So here is one man’s opinion on some quick, basic changes that can help begin to turn the season around in a positive manner, before Lou Piniella loses his cool.

(Actually, on second thought, that may not be a bad idea).

So, without further ado, as Pat Hughes would say, away we go…

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