Grade: A

Andrew Bailey (Athletics)

Bailey is one of only three closers (Broxton and Rivera) who have not given up a run yet.

He has just four saves on the year however, two of which came last week. Oakland’s closer gave up just one hit in 3.2 IP last week.


Heath Bell (Padres)

Bell has enjoyed the Padres success this year just as much as anyone else on the team.

To date the closer has a 1.64 ERA and is seven-for-eight in SVO (save opportunities). Last week he recorded two saves while striking out six in just three IP.


Joba Chamberlain (Yankees)

Whether it is due to a slow week for closers, or just giving one of my pre-season sleepers some love, Joba gets an A for his work last week (two-for-two in SVO, three K’s.) Mariano Rivera should be back soon so don’t expect Chamberlain to make it on this list again unless Mo goes down for a lengthy period of time.


Kevin Gregg (Blue Jays)

Gregg had a beautiful week with five K’s and two saves.

The Jays closer allowed just one hit in three IP, he has a 0.69 ERA on the year.


Grade: B

Neftali Feliz (Rangers)

Feliz had his best week this year recording a save in all four chances while striking out four.

No doubt this young-gun still gets a bit rattled (gave up two-earned during the week) but he should continue to gain knowledge and confidence as the Rangers closer.


Joakim Soria (Royals)

Joakim fanned five in 2.2 IP while making good on both SVO.

Soria added another run to his season total (three ER) and raised his ERA to 2.31. The Royals closer is on pace for 52 saves this year.


Rafael Soriano (Rays)

The Rays have the best record in baseball and today have one of the best closers in the game it seems.

Soriano looks like he will probably have his best season as professional this year. With help from one of the best lineups in baseball Soriano has been perfect in SVO (seven-for-seven) this year and has a very good 2.25 ERA.


Grade: C

Carlos Marmol (Cubs)

Marmol didn’t allow a run and struck out six but just didn’t have the chances.

He closed the door on his only SVO but walked three during the week. With that said, the Cubs should have no questions about their closer who has 25 K’s in just 12.2 IP.

What’s more, he has an ERA below one (0.71) after 12 appearances.


Grade: D

Trevor Hoffman (Brewers)

As I have mentioned before, this is the not the guy you want on your fantasy team . The same could be said for the Brewers bullpen. Last week Hoffman blew another save and currently has an ERA of 11.70 on the year.

He will not last much longer as the closer in Milwaukee!


Bobby Jenks (White Sox)

It seems to me Jenks tries to make every save chance an interesting one.

If he comes in with no one on-base, rest assured there will be one soon. Jenks recorded one save in his only chance but gave up two-earned and four hits in just two IP. Still, he is five-for-five on the year in SVO.


Grade: F

Brian Wilson (Giants)

The normally reliable Wilson had a down week giving up two-earned and walking two in just two IP. He blew his only save chance and struck out just one. I DO NOT see this as being a norm, he should revert back to his normal-self and continue working on his 1.93 ERA.


Frank Francisco (Rangers)

I know there are two Rangers closers on this list and it doesn’t make much sense, but neither does the Rangers having two closers!

Francisco gave up four hits, four walks, and two earned runs on his path to a 7.71 ERA. I would keep Francisco as far away as possible from a save chance and even further from my fantasy team.

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