The New York Yankees beat the New York Mets for the second game in a row to win the series, but this weekend a lot more changed for the Bombers.

The Yankees knew what the possibilities of winning this series could do, and the team made it happen.

As great as winning the Subway Series and being in first place feels, it doesn’t hold a candle to getting Mark Teixeira back.

Yankees fans held their breath through April and May, finding comfort in knowing Teixeira’s career struggles were part of the deal.

That comfort became concerning, as days became weeks and looking back Teixeira’s past seasons stats were not ever this bad. The Yankees new hero was a complete zero at the plate.

Rightly so, Yankees fans had enough because the reality was costing the team games. The media finally joined in, wondering when Joe Girardi would move Teixeira out of the three-hole.

Girardi seemed to be contemplating a viable replacement, but not acknowledging that this was not the same hitter player from 2009. This was no shock, as Girardi is very generous when it comes to giving struggling player’s extended chances.

As noble as Girardi’s theory sounds, he was not managing a junior high-school softball team. By now, Girardi should have a tattoo of the Yankees motto of winning now and doing whatever it takes to get there.

Fact is, Teixeira is a vital component to the Yankees success. So in terms of the the bigger picture, getting Teixeira back means more than being in first place or beating the Mets.

When Teixeira is at his best all the above would eventually come about as the season moves forward.

Teixeira’s grand-slam, along with CC Sabathia’s dominate pitching on Sunday beat the Mets and won the Subway Series for the team.

Personally, both my dad and I started jumping up and down, cheering loud as can be because we were genuinely happy for Teixeira.

Now, I am confident that I am not speaking too soon when I say,

‘Welcome Back Mark Teixeira!’


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