All-Star voting is entering the final stages. Fans across the country are filling out their final ballots in hopes of their favorite players being named to the starting teams.

Baseball Bloggers Alliance, which I am a member, has asked each of its members to vote on our own All-Star teams. We are allowed to vote for the starter at each position. One for each league.

Now, as a Yankees fan, I could have voted for many of my teams players. There are a couple Yankees who got consideration and a couple did make my starting team in the American League. I did my best however to figure out who really deserved the starting spots in each league. I did my best to take out the popularity factor.

Some of the spots were tough to pick. The most obvious decision for me was second base in the AL. Robinson Cano stood out above everyone else at his position. The American League batting leader is having a tremendous MVP caliber season and deserves the start.

The toughest spot was first base in the National League. There are a handful of players that could start in that spot. Albert Pujols got the nod on my team for his consistent play year in and year out. This season he was pushed hard by players like Ryan Howard, Troy Glaus, Adrian Gonzalez, and Joey Votto.

You can see my full teams by clicking the links below, but I want to know what everyone else thinks? Should Justin Morneau start over the league leader in home runs and RBI at first base for the American League? Does Derek Jeter deserve the shortstop spot despite somewhat of a down year?

In the National League, can anyone challenge Hanley Ramirez for the starting spot at shortstop? Does Andre Ethier deserve a spot in the outfield despite being injured earlier in the year?

Use the links below to see my picks:

American League

National League

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