According to a number of media outlets, including ESPN, MLB Network and SI, the Los Angeles Dodgers will send Manny Ramirez to the Chicago White Sox on Monday as a straight waiver claim, receiving zero compensation for the outfielder.

The White Sox will be responsible for nearly four million dollars in salary and deferred money due Ramirez, according to SI late Sunday night.

Last year, the Sox claimed Alex Rios and received him in similar fashion. Rios has been better for the Sox this year than he had been in Toronto for the past couple years, but is still a questionable gamble at his salary and production.

This move, however, clearly indicates that the Sox are going for broke with an expiring roster. Paul Konerko, AJ Pierzynski, Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones and Omar Vizquel are just a few of the names that might not be back on the South Side of Chicago next year: eating a lot of money is a calculated move by Sox GM Kenny Williams to jump-start the struggling Sox.

The Sox opted to not bring back Jim Thome after last year, who signed for $1.5 million with Minnesota. They also allowed Jermaine Dye to walk away as a free agent; Dye is still unemployed. However, the DH-by-committee approach has been a failure in Chicago, as Mark Kotsay, Jones and other haven’t been able to consistently get on base or generate offense.

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