How often have you turned on the television and seen another breaking news story informing the world that another athlete has been accused of taking illegal drugs?

One of my all-time heroes has been Lance Armstrong, however recent accusations of Armstrong taking performance enhancing drugs has tainted my view of him. 

Baseball is becoming more and more contaminated with cheaters and liars. Whether it be through drugs or explicit media sessions, many Major League Baseball players are developing reputations as bad influences.

However, there are still, thankfully, many players who have refrained from such corrupt acts. 

While it often the case that the dirty, flawed players attract the most attention from the media, it is important to recognize the players who are clean, respectable people.

We are in an era where the crop of players who are willing to give their all to the game while still following the rules is growing thin. Therefore, in an attempt to promote a wave of good-intentioned athletes, this article will congratulate the most respected athletes in the MLB today. 

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