Welcome to an up close and personal, first look at the movie “Major League Baseball: Wild, Wild, West”, starring umpire Joe West.

First released in Boston, Massachusetts back in April, the movie has since premiered in Chicago, and has finally been released nationwide.

Since the release, MLB fans have recognized it’s time to send West packing into the sunset, and for him to leave the game of baseball.

By no means, would this be a picture perfect ending to a long and controversial career, but this goodbye would be well deserved.

The stage-hogging ump has proven to us all, he only cares about himself, and what is best for Joe West – that is all that matters.

Commissioner Bud Selig would never ban West from baseball, so we’re stuck watching him until he voluntarily retires from umpiring.

So if you haven’t done so already, get used to seeing West’s name is the news.

And trust me, it will not be worth listening too.

Please, turn off all cell phones (just kidding), and no talking during the movie (just kidding again).

The movie is about to begin.

It’s Showtime.

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