Dear Magic Johnson,

We need you.

That’s right.  We the people of Southern California and the fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers need your help.

Just like you did in 1980 when you came to Los Angeles and revitalized the Lakers, we need your skills to give us an assist in baseball.

I know it is not your main sport, but I also know there is no one else who could instantly unite the city and make Chavez Ravine the place to be again on those warm summer nights.

Imagine for a moment the symbolism of this.  

The Dodgers.  The team of Jackie Robinson once again breaking the color barrier in baseball and becoming the first team in Major League Baseball to be headed up by an African-American owner.  

If you could put together a group of investors, much like Mr. Steinbrenner did back in the day with the Yankees, and make Mr. McCourt an offer, the keys to the city would be yours.

Right now Magic, there is absolutely no buzz in So Cal around baseball.  But if you came on board and made the right moves, we’d have Showtime 81 nights a year in a stadium full of 55,000 grateful fans.

I know you are basically a basketball guy and have thought about laying out the bucks to buy the Pistons, but really, would you rather live in Detroit or sunny Southern California.  Besides, you weren’t a center either and that turned out so well they are still angry in Philly.

We need a dramatic change here and you are the only person who can help us clean up the mess that we find ourselves in.

We never asked for this.  In fact we were pretty happy with the O’Malley family, but change is inevitable.  So when Rupert Murdoch and FOX bought the team, we were hopeful.

But they lost us almost immediately, giving Mike Piazza the ax and tossing our Dodger Dogs in the trash.

Then along came the McCourt clan and now it looks as if our storied franchise will be divided up in a bitter custody battle in divorce court.

The historic names of Robinson, Koufax, Drysdale, Wills, Garvey, Orel, and Fernando has been reduced to the likes of Milton Bradley, Juan Pierre, Derek Lowe, and James Loney.

Can you help us?  We’ll be there for you.  4 million of us year in and year out, more if you get our team to the Series again.

Just pick up the telephone, call a few of your friends, and then call Bud Selig.

Will you do it?  I promise the Big Blue Dodger in the sky will be glad you did.


Dave, A Longtime Dodger Fan

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