Is anyone else a little skeptical of one of the latest releases on the Dodgers’ website? According to General Manager Ned Colletti, the Dodgers are actually planning on increasing the $93 million payroll from 2010.

The Dodgers still have seven players eligible for free agency (not counting the recently signed Lilly or retiring Ausmus). While it is understandable the Dodgers would like to bring back players like Vicente Padilla, Rod Barajas and Scott Podsednik, the looming ownership divorce is the Debbie Downer in the organization.

The article, written by writer Ken Gurnick, outlines the Dodgers’ needs based on observations from Colletti, and it is a pretty tall order.

Starting pitching is obviously tops on the GM’s list. He plans to resign at least one of the two remaining starters from 2010, either Vicente Padilla or the more expensive Hiroki Kuroda. Those two pitchers combined for over $20M last season, a very large portion of the payroll.

A power bat, some solid infield defense or position players, and a relief pitcher have also been mentioned. 

If Frank McCourt were to settle and hand Jamie a very large compensatory check, where would this money come from? Frank has said repeatedly he plans to keep the team, and the Dodgers are not for sale.

Something just isn’t adding up here. The Dodgers were largely silent at the trade deadline this year, acquiring a solid pitcher and second baseman that fit into 2011 rather than a playoff run. Other than that, the Dodgers were bystanders, and there seems to be no significant changes to justify change. 

With the revelations of botched documents and secrets, one can only imagine what Ned Colletti is talking about.

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