With the official halfway point of the season having already passed on July 4, the Los Angeles Dodgers find themselves amidst another tight race in the always competitive NL West division.

At the 81-game mark, the Dodgers were sitting in second place, trailing the surprising San Diego Padres by 3.5 games; however, the journey thus far hasn’t been easy.

The entire Los Angeles squad has been plagued by injuries during the first half of the season, and the pitching staff has been hit especially hard.

The Dodgers marched a total of 19 different pitchers to the mound before the halfway mark—an indicator of both adjustments made for injury and poor-quality pitching.

The total number of pitchers used already this season is just six players shy of a full 25-man Major League roster.

In this initial installment of evaluations, all of the pitchers who have appeared during the season thus far will be evaluated and graded. In the second and final installment, all of the position players will be put under the microscope.

The following frames highlight each of the 19 pitchers who have taken the hill so far this season and show a letter grade and commentary for each player.

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