It’s almost impossible to explain the true essence of the authentic Los Angeles Dodgers fan. The average baseball follower around the league has a stereotypical opinion about a genuine Dodger supporter, but that average follower doesn’t understand at all. True Dodger fans get hooked; there’s a clean-cut, majestic wholesomeness about them. They Think Blue, Bleed Blue, and they’ll talk until they’re Blue in the face.

All that being said, that same Dodger enthusiast is impatient. Successful performance is a must. Good results are required; and they are required now.

The truth is, that at this moment, the Los Angeles Dodgers are an average baseball team. Injuries have plagued the squad for the entire first half of the season, and every time it seems like the Blue Crew is developing that much needed chemistry, another player falls victim to the disabled list.

Yet they still remain in contention. Every season, the baseball sages preach that if a team is within five games of the divisional leader at the All-Star break, that team can make a legitimate run at the title.

However, one glaring statistic that stings the morale of the Dodger fanatic is the fact that since 1990, only five National League teams have not appeared in a World Series; and the Los Angeles Dodgers are among those teams.

Many think by adding a high quality starter to the Dodger pitching staff, Los Angeles will not only return to the NCLS, but also have a realistic chance of claiming their first World Series title since 1988.

Dodgers’ general manager Ned Colletti has indeed confirmed that he has been in contact with numerous teams willing to deal pitchers, though it is unknown exactly what type of pitcher Colletti is targeting.

The following slides illustrate ten of the many possible players Los Angeles may target before the July 31 trade deadline.

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