Apparently money can’t buy everything. All it got the team with the highest payroll in baseball (by a mile) was an NL West division crown, the highest attendance in the game, a trip to the NLCS, and endless momentum for the foreseeable future.

But when the end goal is to win a World Series title, this all feels a little…pointless.

Jay Gatsby can buy all the beautiful things in the world, but none of it matters if he doesn’t win Daisy Buchanan’s love, right? 

So while some fans may call for a complete overhaul, we’re going to keep it simple and rational here.

We’re going to list the five players who the Dodgers should either let walk to free agency or look to trade away in the off season. 

Make no mistake about it — the Dodgers can get better. And they will. These are some suggestions to help them along the way.


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