Mercifully, the Dana Eveland experiment is over.

Recently sent to the minors, the Blue Jays now have 10 days to either trade, release, or place him on waivers.

Maybe we can get Rios back?

I kid, though just slightly.

Eveland’s last start was abysmal. 1.1 innings of soft tossing BP where he gave up (handed over?) eight runs on eight hits and two walks.  In fact, only once this season did he strike out more batters than he walked: a six inning relative gem where he allowed two runs while striking out four (a season high) and walking only three.

Remember the time when Dana Eveland wasn’t a Blue Jay?  That was pretty cool.

But I digress.

Enter David Purcey.


Take it easy, Purcey is definitely a better option, but that’s not saying much.  Eveland was so bad he made me long for the days of Josh Towers and Luke Prokopec .

However, he’s not a starter.  Not anymore.

Purcey has been in Las Vegas rediscovering his inner Nuke LaLoosh but as a long reliever, not a starter.  So regardless how well he pitches, his time here may be short.

Eveland’s next turn in the rotation would have been June 1 so we can expect a reliever for starter swap with Vegas.  Its either Purcey or Josh Roenicke who will most likely be sent down.

So who is the lucky winner of the No. 5 Rotation Spot Sweepstakes (N5RSS)?

The money is on one of Brad Mills or Robert Ray.

Mills has been the Las Vegas 51’s most consistent pitcher.  With a 4-3 record and 3.60 ERA, his numbers seem to warrant a call up.  Although his 9.1K/9 ratio is tasty, he’ll need to watch his control as his 4.5BB/9 just won’t cut it on the big club (see Eveland, Dana).

Ace in the Hole

In 2008, Mills had a microscopic 1.95 ERA and 159 K’s in 147.1 minor league innings.


Ray, on the other hand, has had an up and down season but has maintained a respectable 3.83 ERA along with a 3-3 record.  However, he does have the 51’s only complete game of the season thus far (a shutout).

One area of concern is the trending drop in strikeouts.  Over Ray’s last three seasons he’s had a K/9 ratio of 8.6, 7.9, and now 6.4.  He’ll need his control to be extra sharp if he gets the call.

Ace in the Hole

Recently named PCL (Pacific Coast League) pitcher of the week.


My money’s on Millsie.  I like his pedigree. Besides, I’ve always had a soft spot for carny-esque (5’11”) strikeout pitchers.

In other news. Hey No. 12, who are you and what have you done with Edwin Encarnacion?

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